Mr. Gitlin has dedicated most of his professional life to the representation of victims who have sustained serious personal injury as a result of the carelessness of individuals or the negligence of companies that have manufactured defective products or have devoted insufficient attention to safety on the job site.

As a young attorney, Mr. Gitlin prosecuted lawsuits in behalf of victims who suffered serious personal injuries due to defective products. Mr. Gitlin has been involved in litigation against, for example, manufacturers of defective power presses, table saws and defective tractors. Those actions have been litigated both in the federal and state court systems.

Mr. Gitlin has prosecuted, moreover, cases in which he has represented clients who have been seriously injured due to unsafe construction site conditions. Some of those matters include, for example, significant personal injuries arising out of collapsing scaffolds; failing hoists; defective platforms; or dangerous construction equipment and unsafe ladders.

Mr. Gitlin has worked for years in behalf of individuals who have been injured outside of the workplace, whether through automobile, premises, products or medical malpractice liability. Mr. Gitlin has secured millions of dollars for plaintiffs for accidents arising out of wrongs committed by others.

Where injuries have arisen on the job, Mr. Gitlin has advised clients, furthermore, concerning worker’s compensation and social security disability benefits in those instances where supplemental sources of income are available to workers.

Throughout his career, Mr. Gitlin has recovered millions of dollars in money damages for victims who have experienced pain and suffering as well as lost wages and lost income arising out of serious accidents. Mr. Gitlin has recovered substantial money damages for clients who have suffered serious bodily injuries and for the estates of families whose family members have suffered wrongful death.

Additionally, Mr. Gitlin has represented consumers in a host of litigation matters involving serious motor vehicle accidents that include, for example, wrongful death; significant accidents occurring on dangerous premises, including unsafe stairways and walkways; and injuries occurring on unsafe roadways and sidewalks where there has been snow, ice or defective pavement. 

Further, in matters where there has been substantial evidence of hospital or physician liability, Mr. Gitlin has represented victims who were seriously injured due to medical malpractice.

Mr. Gitlin has represented victims who have been falsely arrested and imprisoned.

Mr. Gitlin has tried cases in the Supreme Court of the State of New York and argued appeals before the appellate courts on both the state and federal levels. 

Mr. Gitlin acts to insure that his clients’ legal interests are vigorously advanced.